“Have courage, it is me – don’t be afraid.” (Mark 6:50)

Here is the situation:
By the time evening had come, the boat was in the middle of the sea and he was alone on the land. Then he saw them struggling to row because the wind was against them and by the fourth watch of the night he came to them, walking upon the water, and could have passed them. When they saw him walking on the water, they cried out because they thought they were seeing a ghost. They all saw him and were distressed, and immediately he said to them, “Have courage, it is me – don’t be afraid.” (Mark 6:47-50)


Why did Jesus walk on water?\

Did he need to walk on water to show how great he was? Was he trying to prove that he was powerful and awesome?

Certainly not. His objective was related to trust. Jesus wanted his disciples to trust him, and trust that the Supreme Being empowered him.

Why is this important? Because Jesus is teaching them about the spiritual realm and the Supreme Being, both of which they could not see with their physical eyes.

Can we see heaven?

The physical body and its senses cannot see into the spiritual realm. This is because this realm lies outside the dimension of physical time and space. This dimension lies beyond the physical realm.

The eyes can only pick up a very limited bandwidth of light according to science. This is why the human eyes cannot see radiowaves for example. There are radio waves bouncing around us all the time but we cannot see them because the physical eyes do not have that capacity.

The spiritual realm lies even beyond these forms of radiation unseen by our eyes. The spiritual realm lies in the dimension of the spiritual.

Our innate identities also lie within the dimension of the spiritual. This is why we do not see a person leaving their physical body. We see the body go from being animated with life to being devoid of life all of a sudden at the time of death. But we do not see what makes the difference between a living body and a dead body because our physical eyes - nor our physical instruments - cannot see into the dimension of the spiritual.

Just as someone might be able to get out of a car at night without being seen, the spirit-person leaves the physical body at the time of death.

Each of us is spirit in composition. We are not these temporary physical bodies - our spiritual nature is eternal. This is why we cannot accept that we are getting old even though the physical body is getting old. This is why we cannot accept death. This is why we cannot believe that we will die: Because we don't die - only the physical body dies, when we leave it.

This illusion of identity is part of the programming of the physical world, much as a video game is programmed to seem real to those who immerse into the video game.

Because we are immersed in the physical world, the world can teach us lessons related to our rehabilitation.

Yes, we each need spiritual rehabilitation. This is why we fell from the spiritual realm into this physical world.

The central illusion of this world is that this is all there is, and I can be happy if I give my body the physical stuff it craves - food, sensual attractions and so on. Yet we know the latter is not true because we can give the body so many things and we are never fulfilled within. This is why many of the most successful people commit suicide.

Just as a magician embarks upon illusions that make things seem the way they are not, the physical world is set up through the Supreme Being's programming, in order to teach us: But only if we are determined to learn, and thus see through the illusion that this is all there is.

We fall into a similar illusion when we dream. While dreaming we think that our dream-body is me. We get immersed in the dream. We might be falling to our supposed death during our dream, but as soon as we wake up, we find it was all an illusion. It was just a temporary dreamscape we got immersed into.

It is a similar situation with the physical body. After we leave this body we will realize it was not us. It was just a vehicle we drove for a while.

Can God go anywhere He wishes?

The Supreme Being also dwells in the dimension of the spiritual. But He can also penetrate and impact the physical dimension as well. This is His prerogative. He has authority and power over both the spiritual and physical realms.

The world works automatically for most of us, teaching us lessons based upon the consequences of our actions. But sometimes God will exert His control in order to impart specific lessons to those He is guiding personally - because they have become determined to be rehabilitated.

This is why the Supreme Being empowered Jesus with such powers as the ability to heal the sick, the ability to drive out demons, and the ability to walk on water: Because the Supreme Being has ultimate authority, He can empower His loving servant and representative with advanced abilities.

The rest of us are limited in our physical abilities simply because we are here to learn. This physical world is like a rehabilitation center And Jesus is like the doctor coming into the center to try to heal us spiritually. That is if we will accept his teachings and become determined to be healed.

Therefore, in order to be healed spiritually, we must accept that Jesus' authority is coming from the Supreme Being. We must be prepared to trust Jesus and trust in his teachings. We must trust that Jesus didn't make up any new teachings. Rather, Jesus' teachings are coming from the Supreme Being.

Jesus stated this clearly:
“My teaching is not mine, but comes from He who sent me." (John 7:16)